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InwallTech® Speakers — What Do They Sound Like? - This has turned into the most asked question I get about Inwalltech speakers in chat, email and on the phone.  My story has evolved into what follows along with a little line graph for a visual. First of all, you might like to read how the company is efficiently run with this article “Humans of […]
BT2 Wiring Deployment Options New Construction - The new Inwalltech BT2 Bluetooth inwall volume control is a self contained “stereo in the wall” device. It’s operation is wireless, but it has to get power converted from a standard wall outlet. This presents a challenge for a “clean” look, but if you’re clever, you can find many opportunities to hide the large transformer […]
Convert an Existing Passive Volume Control to Wireless Bluetooth Amplified Volume Control - In this tutorial we’ll show you how to convert a standard existing passive volume control into a stand alone zone with it’s own Bluetooth name and amplifier for the speakers in that room only. The existing volume control should have it’s own set of left and right wires coming into it from a central wiring […]
How To Install Wireless Inwall Speakers - Wireless inwall speakers don’t exist quite yet. But they will someday. The problem is that the darn things need power. When we talk about wireless speakers, they either have batteries (or rechargeable batteries) or they plug into a power outlet. I’ll show you how to install wireless inwall speakers the best way we know how […]
Product Kit Names from Portland Oregon - You might have noticed our home theater kits have some unusual “names” on them.  Well, they’re landmarks, neighborhoods and locations around my hometown (home metro area at least) of Portland, Oregon. First of all, a little local knowledge if you happen to visit our fine state.  We pronounce Oregon as OR-eh-gun.  We made the list […]