Can I play MP3’s through my ceiling/wall speakers

Absolutely! Integrating your computer into your inwall or in-ceiling sound system is simpler than you think.

You will need a small amplifier or basic stereo receiver to boost the signal that comes from your computer’s sound-card. To link that to your computer, you will need an adaptor.

Generally, a 1/8″ 2-Male RCA adaptor would work for this application; it will go from your computer’s sound card —from the ‘line out’ to one of the inputs on the receiver/amp.

You can find them on

Belkin Audio Y Cable Splitter 1-Mini Plug, 2-RCA Plugs (6 feet)

Another way to play MP3’s is via Apple’s AirPort Express system explained here on

The speakers would then be connected to the ‘speaker out’ jacks from the receiver or amplifier. You can also hook up a powered subwoofer from there as well.

OR… you can integrate a computer into your stereo/entertainment center by using the same adaptor. You will probably have to have your computer near the entertainment center in order to do this, but it’s a viable option for those who want to include their home computer in their home entertainment system.

Doing this can take the sound from your computer gaming to a whole new level, and give you the ability to listen to music in an array of formats, such as MP3 and more! It’s a nice way to use a computer’s capabilities for enhancing sound.

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