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The new Inwalltech BT1 Bluetooth inwall volume control is a self contained “stereo in the wall” device. It’s operation is wireless, but it has to get power converted from a standard wall outlet. This presents a challenge for a “clean” look, but if you’re clever, you can find many opportunities to hide the large transformer […]

Where should I place my speakers? We feel there are two ways to go for speaker placement. The first is in “social areas” where multiple people are gathering. The second is in “stationary rooms” where one person sits in the same place. In social area’s it’s best to use in-ceiling speakers placed equally about the […]

What is impedance matching? To match impedance means to take a group of speakers (usually more than three pairs) and forcing the combined impedance of the speakers to maintain an even 8 ohm level (or another number if required). On average, most home speakers have an impedance of 8 ohms. An Ohm unit measures the […]

What size should I use for theater set up? In a Theater a bigger speaker is generally not better. The subwoofer already handles the lower sounds. A bigger speaker is slower to react to mid range sounds than a smaller one. That’s why we recommend 6 ½” speakers. Generally 6 1/2″ speakers work best for home […]