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This has turned into the most asked question I get about Inwalltech speakers in chat, email and on the phone.  My story has evolved into what follows along with a little line graph for a visual. First of all, you might like to read how the company is efficiently run with this article “Humans of […]

Dual Woofer Dual woofer speakers got their humble beginnings when Dolby got into the home surround sound movement.   Flashback to 1987, Pro-Logic was introduced.  I was just out of college but not ready to leave the college scene.  I worked at the University of Oregon’s Bookstore and we had been growing from simply offering […]

Where should I place my speakers? We feel there are two ways to go for speaker placement. The first is in “social areas” where multiple people are gathering. The second is in “stationary rooms” where one person sits in the same place. In social area’s it’s best to use in-ceiling speakers placed equally about the […]

Great question! But there are a couple parts of this question that we can drill down on. Some other questions that are like this are: Will I like the ProGold or HD series? What makes these two series different? Am I willing to pay for those differences? First the technical question. What is it about […]