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Dual Woofer Dual woofer speakers got their humble beginnings when Dolby got into the home surround sound movement.   Flashback to 1987, Pro-Logic was introduced.  I was just out of college but not ready to leave the college scene.  I worked at the University of Oregon’s Bookstore and we had been growing from simply offering […]

What size should I use for theater set up? In a Theater a bigger speaker is generally not better. The subwoofer already handles the lower sounds. A bigger speaker is slower to react to mid range sounds than a smaller one. That’s why we recommend 6 ½” speakers. Generally 6 1/2″ speakers work best for home […]

Theater speaker placement. A customer of ours sent us a great web application that helps with placement in a theater set up. Directly from Dolby Labs. Dolby Home Theater Speaker Guide The main thing is the concept of 45. Front Left and Right Speakers: Sit down in the best seat in the house in front […]

Should I Build a Box For My Speakers? NO These speakers are designed for walls. Our walls and ceilings typically have more than 3ft³ of airspace in them. Most in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are Infinite Baffle design for this purpose.When you constrict an infinite baffle design’s airspace behind, you basically squeeze the speaker from behind […]