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Find useful and helpful shortcuts for installing inwall speakers and custom home audio equipment

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to convert a standard existing passive volume control into a stand alone zone with it’s own Bluetooth name and amplifier for the speakers in that room only. The existing volume control should have it’s own set of left and right wires coming into it from a central wiring […]

Wireless inwall speakers don’t exist quite yet. But they will someday. The problem is that the darn things need power. When we talk about wireless speakers, they either have batteries (or rechargeable batteries) or they plug into a power outlet. I’ll show you how to install wireless inwall speakers the best way we know how […]

Dual Woofer Dual woofer speakers got their humble beginnings when Dolby got into the home surround sound movement.   Flashback to 1987, Pro-Logic was introduced.  I was just out of college but not ready to leave the college scene.  I worked at the University of Oregon’s Bookstore and we had been growing from simply offering […]

Apple Airplay Multi-Room Setup 6 Zones Apple Airplay is one of the best wireless home audio solutions available.  With it’s lossless audio design, it sounds as good as digital audio gets when delivered wirelessly.  It is bandwidth heavy but can be overcome with some design considerations.  This Do-It-Yourself wireless project will end up costing far less […]