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In this tutorial we’ll show you how to convert a standard existing passive volume control into a stand alone zone with it’s own Bluetooth name and amplifier for the speakers in that room only. The existing volume control should have it’s own set of left and right wires coming into it from a central wiring […]

You might have noticed our home theater kits have some unusual “names” on them.  Well, they’re landmarks, neighborhoods and locations around my hometown (home metro area at least) of Portland, Oregon. First of all, a little local knowledge if you happen to visit our fine state.  We pronounce Oregon as OR-eh-gun.  We made the list […]

I love this post about AirPlay ready in ceiling speakers!! AirPlay Ready Ceiling Speakers The comments at the bottom of the article hit it on the head.  You need a wire to get to your speakers in SOME way.  Either they need to be powered up with an electrical wire or they need a speaker […]

Polar plunge? Nudist colony? Nope! Our Marketing! I recently had the privilege to speak with one of our customers at length about his system design and he brought up a really weird question about how a speaker looked in our pictures. This is the picture: This is a kit for home theater that uses angled […]