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Here you’ll find a dialoge between installer Brian and questions from

How to select a Home Theater Receiver Here’s a typical question I get about how to choose a Home Theater Receiver: Dear Brian: One last question (hopefully). I am about to receive your HD 5.1 in wall system, and if I were tech literate I would read the specs of the speakers and decide how […]

Angled ceiling speakers have been around for awhile and we’ve seen this type of design from other companies like KEF and Speakercraft at kind of crazy prices. But now we have a reasonable price on the same type of design that many people can use. It used to be that people wanted to put ceiling […]

Speaker Sizes

Name : David Fisher ┬áMessage : I have just recently bought a house and am looking to install a speaker system within it. It is going to run in a living room, dining room, and kitchen. They are all on the same level so it makes sense. I am really worried about the kitchen which […]

Center channel speakers have a different look to them for a few reasons. It all began way back in the late 80’s when Dolby began licensing their surround sound for home use in the form of “Dolby Pro Logic”. That was when surround sound went mainstream. They proposed a system of speakers that would roughly […]