How to Demo Inwall Speakers

Buying inwall speakers online without being able to hear them is daunting to say the least.  We try to help with the initial decision with this are on How to Compare Speakers.  Then we try to help with the assurance of our 6-month in-home trial.  But once you get them home, you still need to know how to demo speakers without installing them in fresh drywall at the expense of repairing the holes if you really don’t like them.

First we make a large sheet of firm material. In our example we use a piece of melamine just because it will tend to be a little more durable overtime for us. You can use particle 5/8″ board, 1/2″ wafter board  or 1/2″ plywood . We make “plates” on the front so that we can make them for different sizes of speakers. You don’t have to go to those lengths for basic testing, just cut a hole that is required by the speaker and install.

The board has to be large enough to separate the sound waves from the front and the back so they don’t cancel out (no bass is the result). See this as to why you don’t need to build a box. Make the board at least a 3 ft. x 5 ft. sheet.

Speaker Demo Front

Load the speakers in and take a listen.

Speaker Demo Front

Here’s a little trick for using a 4 conductor wire to use for all your wiring.

That’s how to demo inwall speakers!

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