Meet Irfan –Web Developer

This is Irfan!

I met Irfan through the old Elance platform for freelancers to advertise.  At first for the website at  It runs on the Magento platform and I was just learning the basics.  I came into some road blocks and looked for help.  Irfan is very punctual despite being half a world away.  I actually like having him being almost opposite us in time zones as I can work on most things during my day and give the tasks I don’t want to do or can’t do to Irfan for work overnight.  I like that he works autonomously and can make detail decisions without very much direction.  Along the way I found out that he was proficient in Volusion (’s platform) and WordPress (blogging software that runs our blog and FAQ).

1. Tell me a little about your hometown?

I love my hometown, it’s a rural area. I raised up there with my friends until my study in School finished. I migrated to Faisalabad, Pakistan 5 years ago to build my career. This city also called “Manchester of Pakistan” because of huge line of textile industries.
2. What do you like about coding/developing websites?

I’ve been working in IT field since 2005. The eCommerce websites are my ideal to work on. I like to build the Online Stores and Coding them. I worked on many Shopping Carts (e.g. Volusion, Shopify, 3dcart, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce etc).

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

It’s very hard to answer this question. Because there are many places around the world I would like to go and live. However, if this is for residential purpose and I look for long-term benefits then I would prefer to go New York.

4. What are 3 things that you’d like people in the US to know about your country that you think are misunderstood?

Pakistanis are terrorists and acid throwers
Not all of us. Sure does look that way when you watch an Grammy Oscar and Emmy winning documentary or even a new blockbuster in the theaters. Quora is full of Q&A on Pakistan so read on and discover that there are normal fun Pakistanis in this world too.

Pakistanis are same as Indians? 
Dear Lord NO! We are two separate nations with different ideology.

Merry Xmas?
Sure, Merry Xmas! Big sales and festivities going on in Pakistan just because we need to be happy for something. And we’re happy for the hard working Christian community in Pakistan.

5. What would you suggest I visit if I came to Pakistan? Why?

Firstly I would say Welcome if some outsider is visiting Pakistan. I would suggest be normal, use Google Maps while traveling, because not every person can understand/speak English to ask addresses. Don’t carry a lot of dollars with you, better to keep money in Pakistani Rupees. If you wanna come on trip visit then see these places [link:] to visit. If you want to know more about how to live/stay in Pakistan then this article [link:] will explain you better.

You can check out Irfan’s portfolio and hire him here: