Installing speakers in acoustic tiles or drop ceiling style ceilings.

Take a look here for some basic knowledge about ceiling tiles that you may not get from the manufacturers of the tiles.

This type of installation is where this industry was born!

There are only a few differences between installing in the wall and in tiles:

1. Strength of the tile or age of the tile
If you have older tiles, you may need to reinforce the installation first. I like the “low tech” approach. Even though there are dozens of companies out there selling “braces” and “metal frame” solutions, all you need to do is make sure your tile will hold the speaker. I use “hardboard” (think pegboard without the little holes), as a backing plate. You can cut a piece the full 2′ x 4′ or just a smaller overlapping piece and put it on the back of the tile first.

2. Rattles
Not really the fault of the speaker as that’s what it does…moves in and out, creating motion in the frames above. Use patience to listen and pad the areas that need attention.

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