Where should I place my speakers?

We feel there are two ways to go for speaker placement.
The first is in “social areas” where multiple people are gathering. The second is in “stationary rooms” where one person sits in the same place.

In social area’s it’s best to use in-ceiling speakers placed equally about the room. One pair for a 15’x15′ (approx) sized room. If you’re getting into a larger room, then two pairs. For REALLY big rooms (restaurants or such), you should have one speaker every 15 linear feet that you have.

For rooms with can lighting, try to match your speakers to your lighting pattern.

Wall speakers are best suitable for stationary rooms. You can take advantage of that feeling of “stereo” being in the middle of the two speakers creating an “image” that’s projected in your minds eye.

The placement here is basically ear level or a little higher and the width should be approximately a 45 degree separate


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