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What speaker cosmetic questions do you have? Read through user-submitted questions relating to speaker aesthetics in this section.

  All of the speakers we sell come with speaker grills even if the images may show otherwise. At times, to better display a speaker product image, we do use the no-grill version. Rest assured that when you order a pair of speakers from us, you’re getting the grills with them.

  Yes, you can. The whole point of having inwall speakers is to conceal their presence. Inwall speakers are designed to be airbrushed with the same wall paint color you use on your wall. For best results please follow these steps:   Sand the speaker grills for optimal results. Priming is optional.   Remove the fabric backing […]

  Inwall speakers and inceiling speakers typically do not need to have boxes built or spaces constricted. These types of speakers are designed with American homes in mind. That means that the makers of these speakers know that your house uses 2 x 4 studs, that our standard stud placement is 16″ on center apart […]

  Mike, White’s the only option on that one. You can put an IW2BPG and an IW8BPG in a double gang box, get a decora dual gang cover plate and get the same thing, in Ivory. Just no labels. See those here:     > Name : > Mike Owens > > Message : […]

  Lenir, Sorry we don’t carry just the speaker covers.   >> Name : >> Lenir Drake >> Message : >> I would like to buy two wall/ceiling speaker covers (just the >> screen) rectangular (small) in white. Do you sell them? >> >> Thanks, >> >> Lenir Drake > > >> > >

  Tim, Sorry we don’t sell blank covers. All this stuff comes from China and as a government run country, they only allow manufactured goods to be exported and the grill is considered a raw material. Sometimes you can find “kits” at speaker building sites. Good Luck,     > Name : > Tim Sweely […]