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Get answers to the most commonly asked home theater questions in this section, including installation, product selection, and experience considerations.

  In 1987, Pro-Logic, a breakthrough technology for surround sound processing, was introduced.  Inside it, a sound decoder breaks down sound into the different components making up the surround sound set up. That’s to the left speaker, the right speaker, and the center speaker. This is done through the use of a single-frequency range. Such innovation […]

  Granville, I don’t worry too much about power numbers these days.  Most good home theater receivers have plenty of power and unless you know that you’re going to need more power because of some circumstance – like a huge room or large audiences – today’s receivers are all built with satisfaction in mind.  We […]

  In a theater, a bigger speaker is generally not better. The subwoofer already handles the lower sounds. A bigger speaker is slower to react to mid-range sounds than a smaller one. That’s why we recommend 6 ½” speakers. These work best for home theater in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. A 6 1/2″ speaker will produce […]

    How do you maximise your home theater experience with surround sound? A customer sent over a great web application that helps with speaker placement in a theater set up directly from Dolby Labs. The main thing is the concept of 45. The concept of 45 is a practical system of measurement that uses your […]

  For theater use, we recommend a 5.1 or 7.1 speaker set. The speaker set you choose depends on the length of your room. If your room is less than 20 feet deep, you can use 5.1. If your room is longer than 20 feet deep, then you can use 5.1 also, but you may […]

  Jeff, The best way to approach a system like that is to split into at least two zones: the theater area and the rest of the house. That way,  you won’t have to impose the TV sound onto the rest of the house. So you use two receivers: one a surround model the other […]

  Jack, No worries at all. A plasma TV isn’t affected by magnetic fields, so it can be as close to your center channel as you want. The old tube TVs have a phosphor screen on the front and get electric rays (simple explanation) shot at it from the back of the set to excite […]

  Wilfred, You should be able to do the work yourself without too much trouble. I’m glad to see you have looked over the FAQs. As for the theater, a 5.1 type system like you’ve described is perfect for most of our customers unless your room is really long, over 25 ft. front to back. […]

  Roger, It will be just fine up there. Just as good as it would be in just a standard ceiling if that`s where you have to go. The one thing that I typically do with a drop ceiling tile type installation is, use a piece of hardboard (pegboard without the holes) cut about 14″ […]

  Billy, That project sounds cool! Take a look at our Theater Kits here: I’d suggest using a standard 5.1 type system for the TV end of the room and adding another pair of the same type of speakers for the other end of the room. Maybe splitting the difference of space between the […]