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Do you have speaker installation questions related to InwallStore products? Find the answers and more in this section.

    If you are building a new residential or a commercial structure, or if you’re remodeling an existing property, now is the time to plan for a Music Distribution System. It’s easier than you may expect. All you need to start is an existing Hi-Fi Stereo System. If it has at least 50 watts […]

  We feel that there are two ways to go for speaker placement. The first is in social areas where multiple people are gathering. Examples are the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, and the entry way. The second is in stationary rooms where one person sits in the same place. This includes the study, […]

    To match impedance means to take a group of speakers (usually more than three pairs) and forcing the combined impedance of the speakers to maintain an even 8 ohm level (or another number if required). Impedance means ‘the  resistance of an electric circuit or component to alternating current, arising from the combined effects […]

  Yes, you can. You can use a window screen mesh or use a piece of batting style insulation as a way to hold the insulation back without inhibiting the proper air flow. Batt insulation is really the preferred method of insulating above ceiling speakers. It holds back the blown in insulation when you cut […]

    How do you maximise your home theater experience with surround sound? A customer sent over a great web application that helps with speaker placement in a theater set up directly from Dolby Labs. The main thing is the concept of 45. The concept of 45 is a practical system of measurement that uses your […]

  Lath and plaster can be a challenge, but yes, you can indeed put in-wall and in-ceiling speakers in old homes. However, you do have to do some more preparations. Here are some basic problems that do come up with this type of install: Sometimes there’s a layer of drywall applied over the top of […]

  There are only a few differences between installing in the wall and in tiles:   STRENGTH OR AGE OF THE TILE If you have older tiles, you may need to reinforce the installation first. In doing so, I recommend the low-tech approach. Even though there are dozens of companies out there selling braces and […]

  Here is an installation guide courtesy of OEM Systems, Inc. They’re the makers of ArchiTech brand speakers. This is a guide with their products in mind but a very thorough job of the overall aspects of planning and installing a whole audio system. Download the PDF here.

Step 1 Determine which rooms or areas you wish to provide sound, keeping any outdoor areas in mind. This will determine whether you select a 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 pair Speaker Selector. Step 2 Visualize where the furniture and fixtures will be placed in order to identify optimum speaker and decorator jack plate […]

    Buying inwall speakers online without being able to hear them is daunting to say the least.  That’s why guides such as this Speaker Comparison Guide have been created in order to help you decide on the inwall speaker product that you want. And then, an In-Home Trial that runs for six months gives […]