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Looking to purchase but have speaker questions? Customers and users have posed their most pressing questions in this section. Feel free to submit yours, too!

    This has turned into the most asked question we get about InwallTech Speakers via chat, email, and by phone. To answer this question, let’s take a look at this illustration:     The image above provides a graphical comparison of two variables: the three InwallTech Speaker products that we have and the tree […]

  In 1987, Pro-Logic, a breakthrough technology for surround sound processing, was introduced.  Inside it, a sound decoder breaks down sound into the different components making up the surround sound set up. That’s to the left speaker, the right speaker, and the center speaker. This is done through the use of a single-frequency range. Such innovation […]

  We feel that there are two ways to go for speaker placement. The first is in social areas where multiple people are gathering. Examples are the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, and the entry way. The second is in stationary rooms where one person sits in the same place. This includes the study, […]

In the world of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better and quality for this form of audio output is relative. In order to have a really good speaker, you have to have something built into a sturdy box. An in-wall or in-ceiling speaker is installed into compressed chalk – otherwise known […]

    Great question! But there are a couple of parts in this question that gives rise to other questions. Some other questions that are like this are: Will I like the ProGold or HD series? What makes these two series different? Am I willing to pay for those differences? First, the technical question. What […]

  Attention to detail was my favorite judging criteria when I was a young installation judge for IASCA or the International Auto Sound Challenge Association. This was the beginning of the Car Audio boom back in the late 80’s. I myself had a ‘Hooptie.’ That’s basically a car where the stereo was worth more than the […]

We understand that when people receive their speakers after ordering them from the internet, they’re anxious to test them out and see if they work. In our experience, people are likely to just hook the speakers up to their receiver right away before ever mounting them. It’s a sure bet that they will sound like […]

    It really doesn’t matter what brand is printed on them. Sure you can say the reputation is important, but do you know what companies have been up to for the last decade? What they’ve been doing is a lot of consolidating brand names. These brand names are now just marketing power. So, do […]

  In a theater, a bigger speaker is generally not better. The subwoofer already handles the lower sounds. A bigger speaker is slower to react to mid-range sounds than a smaller one. That’s why we recommend 6 ½” speakers. These work best for home theater in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. A 6 1/2″ speaker will produce […]

    How do you maximise your home theater experience with surround sound? A customer sent over a great web application that helps with speaker placement in a theater set up directly from Dolby Labs. The main thing is the concept of 45. The concept of 45 is a practical system of measurement that uses your […]