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  Kyle, You can do that kind of wiring with any of the impedance matching volume controls. You’ll set ALL the volume controls to the same impedance multiplier setting, see here for a table:   > Name : > Kyle Davis > > Message : > Can I run volume controls in a series by […]

  Joe, To save money on installs like this, what you do is take the 8 to 10 volume controls (impedance matching) and put them in your control area in a homemade box that you make 8-10 gang long or mount them in a wall in that area in maybe two 4 gang boxes. You […]

Impedance Question

  Doug, You only have to match impedance at one place, either the speaker selector OR the volume control.     > Name : > Doug > > Message : > Hello, > Couldn`t find this question in the FAQ`s, hopefully not because it`s a lame question… > > Do I need an impedence matching […]

  Darren, The best way to control two pairs of speakers is to use a dual gang outlet and have two volume controls in there with a decora cover plate to finish. If you use just one volume control (which you can do), you end up having a bottle neck there in relation to your […]

  Ryan, The Audioplex volume controls tout that they fit into standard J-box depths. Take a look at these under Audioplex: You’ll want a standard volume control with no impedance matching. So look at the ones without the “OPT” option in Audioplex.     > Name : > Ryan Kraemer > > Message : > […]

  David, I don’t think any go below 14 gauge. However, all you need to do is trim a few strands off and it should work fine.     > Name : > David Pizzolato > > Message : > Do you know who makes a non-impedance matching volume control that would accept 12 guage […]

  Dave, You only need impedance matching in one place. When using a speaker selector, that`s your impedance matching device. You then just use standard volume controls.   > Name : > Dave > > Message : > I would like to use a 6 pair speaker selector with impedance matching volume controls. Additionally, I […]

  Jen, Sorry we don`t carry such an item. Try looking on commercial sound websites for better luck locating.   > > >> Name : >> Jen Addis >> Message : >> Hi, I am looking for a small speaker, that holds at least 100 watts >> and has a volume control Or a small […]

  Robert, Usually, we use a 4 conductor wire; one each for right+, right-,left+, and left-. It goes from the amp/selector area to the volume control then on to the speakers. You can use the same wire and only use two of the conductors for each leg to the individual speakers if you want to save […]

  Bill, Sure, it’s easier than you think. You just use 2 decora style volume controls and go get a double gang decora cover plate to place over both. These would work fine if you want a suggestion.     > >> Name : >> Bill Jones >> Message : >> I have two sets […]