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  John, For a surround sound system we recommend these in this category: As for an overall project idea document, check out this installation guide:     Name : > John cantrell > > Message : > {I would like some help picking out speakers for a surround sound system. I would like […]

  Doug, The Receiver you mention is really made for surround sound applications. The “channels” it has are for the decoded section from movies to be played back at the given positions of a home theater. The more practical set up for you might be a set up with two basic ‘stereo’ type receivers with […]

  Scott, What I need to know is do I need a receiver 1. You need some type of amplifier for the whole system. Most times a receiver is fine for our applications, as they have all the switching between sources and amp capabilities built in. What type of speakers should I use, 2. Typically, […]

> Mike, > > For the patio, any of our speakers will work for outside, however the > one`s with aluminum grills weather better over time, like this set: > > > For surround, we have these kits here we recommend: > > > We do carry the JBL in those theater packages […]

  Russell, You need some kind of “impedance matching”. Both speaker selectors and volume controls “can” perform this function for you. The best way to go about designing a system is with a speaker selector and non-impedance matching volume controls. In this type of setup you can turn off your areas that you might not […]

Dong, It`s really based on “how” you listen to your music. 70% of what we sell is 6 1/2″ size and is pretty standard. If you like to listen to your music at moderate or above volumes then an 8″ speaker should be for you. Moderate is defined as being able to listen to your […]

Kevin, It`s generally ok to have just a single pair of speakers in a room that`s only being used occasionally. But you can wire for two pair and only cut in one pair for safety sake. For the speaker selector, take a look at this Phoenix Gold ISM4 here: For Volume Controls, if you […]

  Ken, The output is really low on systems like that, then when you turn them up you get hot. I’d use just another basic stereo receiver…maybe Onkyo for about $150ish should work much better. Make sure you consider a speaker selector, that`s what does the impedance matching for all the speakers to run at […]

  Roger, Sure, a basic speaker selector like this one. Volume controls to match are these ones. Then, if you want to finish off the wall with a wall plate behind, have a look at this.     > Name : > Roger Schimmel > > Message : > I have wired my house for […]

  Tim, I’d just use this one on the mains and the kitchen. That should do the trick. You may have to adjust your levels a little in surround modes to make your theater right. Remember to turn off any surround modes to get sound in the kitchen.   >> Name : >> Tim Message […]