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  Rob, Take a look at this for an overall kind of primer. For a single zone type system, you’d have speaker selector and volume controls. An 8 pair speaker selector like this. Volume controls. That will be impedance matching in the speaker selector and standard volume controls. As for speakers, take a look at […]

  George, You can do either. The advantage of the speaker selector and standard volume controls is that when you unselect a speaker area at the selector, that pair is taken out of the circuit completely allowing power to flow to the other areas that are on. When you use impedance matching volume controls only, […]

  Rick, Take a look at this speaker selector: See this for volume controls: And a couple of choices for speakers to start with here: or Email back if you need any more specifics     > Name : > RICK SILKWORTH > > Message : > I AM building a […]

  David, Sure, start with this primer: But feel free to email back, I can help with any type of question you may run into.     > Name : > David Rogers > > Message : > I have just completed a home that I had wired for whole house audio and surround […]

  Mike, The Channel Plus multi-zone amp is a good one that has been an easy to install/operate system. Just pick the type of keypad options that fit there. Speakers. We don`t do the rock speakers anymore but I’d suggest TIC brand. Take a look at the JA brand of speaker in their aluminum line […]

Mike, I’d use two separate receivers, one for the theater and one for the whole house music. You use Y-adapters on all your sources (DVD, VCR, Sat, etc.) to both receivers. Your whole house system would then need a speaker selector. For 4 areas look at this one. If you want or have volume control […]