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You might have noticed our home theater kits have some unusual “names” on them.  Well, they’re landmarks, neighborhoods and locations around my hometown (home metro area at least) of Portland, Oregon. First of all, a little local knowledge if you happen to visit our fine state.  We pronounce Oregon as OR-eh-gun.  We made the list […]

Shuffle for Henry

Shuffle for Henry I’m happy to present this campaign “Shuffle for Henry”. Below it’s detailed as to what it’s all about and what we can do to help. I’d like to say this type of service of helping others through music resonates with me profoundly. I believe music has so many unconscious roots in us […]

  Attention to detail was my favorite judging criteria when I was a young installation judge for IASCA or the International Auto Sound Challenge Association. This was the beginning of the Car Audio boom back in the late 80’s. I myself had a ‘Hooptie.’ That’s basically a car where the stereo was worth more than the […]

Reviews Revisited…

What do reviews mean really? In my opinion, reviews about the product themselves speak to the “value” that the reviewer has received. Let’s say he/she reviewed the item HD650C, and paid $219 per pair. When “Otto” says, “I wasn’t sure what I was getting because of the “name” but I will tell you that these […]

With almost 500 reviews of our products 94% of them are 4 or 5 star ratings!! While we’re not surprise with our quality, we are surprised with the willingness of our customers to come back and take the time to provide their input for the sake of future customers. THANK YOU! You can find a […]

  We have changed our International Shipping Policy. We are now shipping to Canada and UK addresses. Here’s the deal: We will accept payment from Canada and UK with Paypal. We’ll ship to your Paypal confirmed address. Another fix that we’ve worked out is shipping from our different distributors. The only way around this is […]

International Orders

Occasionally, we get customers from outside the US who want to purchase our products. I thought I’d put a little insight into why we haven’t been able to provide that service. We ship from many different distributors –this means that each of them have to be set up for international shipping and have the ability […]

This area will be used to quickly search for questions you may have about your install. We will answer questions here and directly to your email so others can see the type of questions and answers provided for your installs. You may also subscribe to this as an RSS feed and see answers as they […]