We’re getting calls much more frequently about former owners taking their speakers with them. All the foreclosures are contributing to this new dynamic with installing in wall and ceiling speakers in their place. The problem with this is that almost no two speakers are exactly the same size cut out. They are close and you can usually find something that will work out of the box, but more likely than not, you’ll have to trim a little bit of drywall to go UP in size.


Another problem is that on our website┬áis that we don’t like to publish cut out dimensions because you may experience shipping damage or UPS may lose your package and you’re in a time crunch and have to go out and buy something local to fill the holes to make final inspection. But now you’ve got that problem above and no two speakers are exactly the same dimension. So we don’t list the dimensions to keep those problems at bay.


However, you can determine the cut out dimension by subtracting 1 1/4″ from the overall dimensions listed on our site. Try to resist that temptation to pre-cut the holes and wait until you get your speakers in hand with that perfectly shaped template that we provide with every speaker.