With almost 500 reviews of our products 94% of them are 4 or 5 star ratings!!

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InwallTech has 94% 4 or 5 Star Ratings

While we’re not surprise with our quality, we are surprised with the willingness of our customers to come back and take the time to provide their input for the sake of future customers. THANK YOU!
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InwallTech HD650W inwall speakers

InwallTech HD650W ReviewsInwallTech HD650W ReviewsRon from North Carolina writes:
My home was equipped with pricey B&W speakers years ago. I wanted to add speakers to the other part of my home which were not done at that time. […]These HD speakers are awesome. They even sound better than my B&W!!

Compares our speakers with B&W!!

Compares our speakers with B&W!!