I’d just use this one on the mains and the kitchen. That should do the trick. You may have to adjust your levels a little in surround modes to make your theater right. Remember to turn off any surround modes to get sound in the kitchen.


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>> Tim Message :
>> Hello,
>> I`m putting a system in using an Onkyo receiver that has outputs for
>> Main speakers (A) and remote speakers (B). The receiver has a
>> multisource switch for the remote speakers so I can control the
>> volume to these separately and I have those speakers outside.
>> I want to add a pair of speakers (probably in wall) to the kitchen
>> and I want to be able to controll there volume separately from the
>> Main speakers. So, in the kitchen, I will be listening to the same
>> thing that is on the main speakers in the living room, but I want to
>> be able to control the volume from in the kitchen.
>> Can you recommend volume controls and in wall speakers?
>> Or any other recommendation that I can do with this setup to get
>> sound in the kitchen.
>> I saw the tabletop speaker switches with volume control. That would
>> allow me to adjust the volume from where the receiver is. I thought
>> that I would need a speaker switch at the receiver anyway to add the
>> kitchen speakers.
>> Thanks,
>> Tim