Those are brand new in their line-up, so they don’t have any reviews yet. All the speakers on our site are made in China, as are almost all the other type of consumer speakers on the market. If you’re planning a theater, I wouldn’t suggest an 8″ speaker like these. Read this first. I’d recommend this pack for a theater.

ame :
>> John Roshay
>> Message :
>> Regarding “JA Audio JA-G380 8 in. 3-way Aluminum High Performance
>> Inwall Speakers”. I have not heard about them, but their products seem
>> very well made and the spec`s posted on your site are impressive.
>> On many components, there is a user rating on how the product
>> performed for them. I did not see that rating on your site.
>> Please direct me to a review site that will give me information on the
>> product and reviews by audio reporting agencies so I can gain
>> confidence in the product.
>> I would also like to know where the product is made. Hopefully in the
>> USA.
>> Please suggest front speakers and a subwoofer that will be matched and
>> balanced to these in a 12w by 14d room. Figure two speakers on the
>> back wall, two speakers about 8` from the front wall( either side of
>> the room about six foot from the back wall).
>> Thanks in advance.
>> John