Yes, the HTI is a very good choice for inwall speakers. Not too much money and just about the best sound before topping out the performance of the compressed chalk we mount them in.

The insulation is not a problem. But if you are using an interior wall without insulation you should put some in that bay to balance out the performance.


>> Name :
>> Richard Desruisseau
>> Message :
>> After investigating and almost buying a Bose system I have finally
>> come to the realization that there are better sound systems out there
>> than the overpriced previously mentioned product.
>> I actually have two questions. The first being is the build quality
>> of the JBL HTI speakers any good and secondly one of the walls I have
>> to mount a speaker in is an outside wall. Meaning it has insulation
>> and a vapor barrier in it. Will this effect the sound? What I am
>> interested in is the JBL HTI Theater Pack w/ Round Surrounds. This
>> system will be used primarily to play music with an occasional movie
>> played on it.
>> Thanks for any help you can provide.
>> Richard