The prep would be to stiffen the baffle surface (the one the speaker mounts to) with some type more firm material in addition to the drywall.

The best locations for theater apps are front Left Center and Right by the screen, then the rears behind you on the side walls pointing inward.


>> Name :
>> Ian Maclean
>> Message :
>> In one of your FAQ answers, the one about why inwall speakers are
>> generally not expensive, you mention that to get the best audio
>> performance from the speakers it is advisable to prepare surfaces
>> prior to installation. I didn`t find any further detail on “how” to
>> prepare the surfaces. Can you elaborate?
>> Another question I had is whether there is a disadvantage to inwall /
>> in-ceiling speakers in that they can`t be directed towards the
>> listener, e.g. in-ceiling speakers obviously point straight down.
>> By the way, I am shopping for a surround system (6.1) and I find you
>> site very helpful.