Looks like the “W” version is the same as the HTI series we have. The “WT” version has a 70V transformer built in for a commercial 70V system. See this link here for a spec sheet on the Control version:

They are technically the best sounding speakers we have. However, depending on application, they may not always be the right pick.

If you’re doing home theater, then yes they are the best ones we recommend. If you`re just doing whole house audio and your listening habits are mainly just fill type music, then take a look at the aluminum series from JA Audio:

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> Tony PFarr
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> I have been looking at the JBL control 126w 6.5 inch in-wall speakers. Do you know how these compare to the JBL 6.5 speakers that you sell? The control is their professional series and the ones you list are in the home series. Have you heard the control models? Any help would be appreciated. Also, are the JBL`s your highest quality speaker? Are they the speaker that you would recommend above the other brands? Thanks! Tony.