Reviews Revisited…

What do reviews mean really?

In my opinion, reviews about the product themselves speak to the “value” that the reviewer has received. Let’s say he/she reviewed the item HD650C, and paid $219 per pair. When “Otto” says, “I wasn’t sure what I was getting because of the “name” but I will tell you that these speakers are awesome for sure!”, what he’s saying is he expected to spend $219 a pair on a name brand like Polk, Boston, JBL or whatever and he took a chance on us and was wildly surprised that he got far MORE than he EXPECTED.

To the other extreme, let’s say “Ron” spent maybe $10,000 on his set of B&W speakers and then found us for supplying his children’s theater room for $587 with the HD650W’s and wrote this: “My home was equipped with pricey B&W speakers years ago. I wanted to add speakers to the other part of my home which were not done at that time. […]These HD speakers are awesome. They even sound better than my B&W!!” I don’t know what kind of review he would put about the B&W stuff, but it’s 5 stars with us!

So all our GREAT reviews mean that people are VERY happy in that their expectations were greatly exceeded. Which of course is why we do this 🙂

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