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  Some of our models HD650C and HD650W have a switch for changing the ohm setting.   What’s this switch for? It gives you the flexibility to change the impedance of the speakers so that you can utilize more power from your 4 ohm capable receiver or amplifier. If what you’re reading makes no sense […]

  Typically, in a home situation we suggest a speaker selector with standard volume controls. That’s because you can turn off areas that you wouldn’t normally use. Those areas truly get taken out of the circuit and in doing so; the other areas get more power and better sound. In an application that you would […]

  Frank, Your situation depends more on what type of receiver you have than what type of speakers you have. On a receiver, you generally have provisions for an “A” pair and “B” pair of speakers. If you are running just the two pairs of speakers, you are working within the guidelines of what the […]

  Terry, With a speaker selector that already has impedance matching, you only need standard volume controls. No need to match twice. You can use these volume controls just fine. As for speaker recommendations, in the budget range of things, the MAS Audio stuff is the best value and for the better of the upper […]

  Russ, Nope, that one is a standard volume control. They just have this design to improve a little efficiencies and sound quality. But in reality we’re using these for ‘background’ type systems so whatever improvement in the design would likely get lost in the application. Check out this one for a basic impedance matching […]

A and B Speaker Setup

  Kris, Your system will work in either A OR B but probably not both A+B at the same time. Many times a receiver will be wired in “series” type wiring when using A+B. That may or may not work when you`re wiring up volume controls in the manner you described. If you want to […]

  Doug, The Receiver you mention is really made for surround sound applications. The “channels” it has are for the decoded section from movies to be played back at the given positions of a home theater. The more practical set up for you might be a set up with two basic ‘stereo’ type receivers with […]

  Rick, It will work fine with impedance matching volume controls. Order either these: http://www.inwallstore.com/ca100slw.html or http://www.inwallstore.com/slvc75dopt.html     > Name : > Rick Garcia} > > Message : > I want to put 4 daul voice speakers Ja Audio JAD6A in my patio. I want to connect two of these speakers to one volume […]

  Jim, To say the least…yes you`ll be pleased with the sound from those JAC6A’s, especially comparing them to the Radio Shack stuff. A speaker selector will take care of the impedance matching in your system. You`ll need just standard volume controls. The Monster selector is fine and these volume controls would work fine: http://www.inwallstore.com/altx2d.html […]

  Kyle, You can do that kind of wiring with any of the impedance matching volume controls. You’ll set ALL the volume controls to the same impedance multiplier setting, see here for a table:   > Name : > Kyle Davis > > Message : > Can I run volume controls in a series by […]