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Old speaker wiring

  Bob, The volume controls are mandatory in any installation. We don`t have volume controls that are mounted in the speakers, that’s kind of an old school type of commercial sound setup. They may still be around but unlikely. You can make a bank of volume controls near your entertainment center if you still need […]

  Johnnie, You’re right about the best method. The speaker selector with non impedance matching volume controls is the way to go. As for the amp/receiver, those brands are fine with most systems. Other favorites of ours are Yamaha and Onkyo.     > Name : > Johnnie quan > > Message : > Hi.. […]

  Russell, You need some kind of “impedance matching”. Both speaker selectors and volume controls “can” perform this function for you. The best way to go about designing a system is with a speaker selector and non-impedance matching volume controls. In this type of setup you can turn off your areas that you might not […]

  Hey, Rick! Thanks for the compliment. To answer your questions: 1. We don`t publish the cut out dimensions of the speakers. We don`t want folks cutting out the holes before they get them and then change their minds. In general, the cut outs are about 11/4″ less than the overall dimensions we list. 2. […]

  Joe, To save money on installs like this, what you do is take the 8 to 10 volume controls (impedance matching) and put them in your control area in a homemade box that you make 8-10 gang long or mount them in a wall in that area in maybe two 4 gang boxes. You […]

Impedance Question

  Doug, You only have to match impedance at one place, either the speaker selector OR the volume control.     > Name : > Doug > > Message : > Hello, > Couldn`t find this question in the FAQ`s, hopefully not because it`s a lame question… > > Do I need an impedence matching […]

  Darren, The best way to control two pairs of speakers is to use a dual gang outlet and have two volume controls in there with a decora cover plate to finish. If you use just one volume control (which you can do), you end up having a bottle neck there in relation to your […]

  Ryan, The Audioplex volume controls tout that they fit into standard J-box depths. Take a look at these under Audioplex: http://www.inwallstore.com/category_s/138.htm You’ll want a standard volume control with no impedance matching. So look at the ones without the “OPT” option in Audioplex.     > Name : > Ryan Kraemer > > Message : > […]

Re: Inwall Question

  Geoff, In our world, an L-pad is a volume control. If you’re doing distributed audio and you want to turn down the music in a remote room, our volume controls do that function for you. There are also impedance matching volume controls that go a step further, you can read more about those here: […]

  Ken, The output is really low on systems like that, then when you turn them up you get hot. I’d use just another basic stereo receiver…maybe Onkyo for about $150ish should work much better. Make sure you consider a speaker selector, that`s what does the impedance matching for all the speakers to run at […]