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  Center channel speakers have a different look to them for a few reasons. It all began way back in the late 80’s when Dolby began licensing their surround sound for home use in the form of ‘Dolby Pro Logic.’ That was when surround sound went mainstream. VCR tape rentals were well under way and […]

Subwoofer setup is really not a difficult task.  You just need to see the big picture. This article will show you how. So you’ve got a couple of rooms where you think you might want to “crank it up”. During the design phase of your whole house audio project, you might want to wire for […]

  Bob, Although a speaker may publish its specs and advertise that it will do, for instance, 30 hertz, it doesn’t mean it will sound very good or as loud and rounded as you may want it. Unfortunately, almost all the speaker makers out there either outright lie or fudge the truth about what frequencies […]

  Scott, Read this first about speakers for surround systems: What Size Should I Use for Theater? In a theater type system, when using a subwoofer, you are actually creating a three way system. Your woofer is one, the mids are the woofer in the wall/ceiling, and the tweeters are the third way. So you`ll […]

  Henry, Subwoofer wiring in a whole house system needs to go like this: From the amp/receiver/selector to the volume control in the remote room; to the sub location; then up to the individual speakers in the room. Make sure you have a sub that utilizes “speaker level” inputs/outputs as you`ll be running speaker wire […]

  Jeff, The HTD stuff is pretty similar to the JA gear. The tweeter they use is a little more like the OWI ceramic coated tweeter. The ceramic coating from OWI doesn`t sound as clear as the JA to me. And the crossovers are only 12 db as opposed to the JA`s being 18db or […]

  Jeff, Take a look at these: http://www.inwallstore.com/jac6aii.html This brand is a great “bang for the buck” type of company. We recommend this brand for theater usage.     > Name : > Jeff Andersen > > Message : > I`ve been researching In Ceiling speaks, but am getting bogged down with all the different brands […]

Mark, The JA Audio is a great choice for surround. Size wise take a look here at this FAQ. As for model suggestions take a look at this category for Home Theater Kits. The locations are best to worst in this order: 1. Fronts in the wall where the TV source is 2. Fronts in […]

  Bert, Take a look at our Home Theater Kits here. We suggest using the same speaker all the way around for the tightest sound in a theater.     > Name : > Bert Harrop > > Message : > I have purchased a surround sound 6.1 reciever with 8-ohm speaker outputs and would […]

  John, Those are brand new in their line-up, so they don’t have any reviews yet. All the speakers on our site are made in China, as are almost all the other type of consumer speakers on the market. If you’re planning a theater, I wouldn’t suggest an 8″ speaker like these. Read this first. I’d […]