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  Doug, The Receiver you mention is really made for surround sound applications. The “channels” it has are for the decoded section from movies to be played back at the given positions of a home theater. The more practical set up for you might be a set up with two basic ‘stereo’ type receivers with […]

> Mike, > > For the patio, any of our speakers will work for outside, however the > one`s with aluminum grills weather better over time, like this set: > http://www.inwallstore.com/jac6a.html > > For surround, we have these kits here we recommend: > http://www.inwallstore.com/kit-theater.html > > We do carry the JBL in those theater packages […]

  Jeff, Take a look at these: http://www.inwallstore.com/jac6aii.html This brand is a great “bang for the buck” type of company. We recommend this brand for theater usage.     > Name : > Jeff Andersen > > Message : > I`ve been researching In Ceiling speaks, but am getting bogged down with all the different brands […]

  Robert, Take a look at this category for our recommendations for theater use: http://www.inwallstore.com/kit-theater.html   > Name : > robert > > Message : > We have a rectangular room with the tv centered on the long wall inside of a built-in armoire and the couch on the opposite wall. We dont have anywhere to […]

Mark, The JA Audio is a great choice for surround. Size wise take a look here at this FAQ. As for model suggestions take a look at this category for Home Theater Kits. The locations are best to worst in this order: 1. Fronts in the wall where the TV source is 2. Fronts in […]

  Allan, You can use a simple Y-adapter or go as far as using an optical cable to one receiver and a coax digital cable to the other (if you have that combination of outputs from the CD/DVD and inputs on your receivers).     > Name : > Allan > > Message : > […]

  Bert, Take a look at our Home Theater Kits here. We suggest using the same speaker all the way around for the tightest sound in a theater.     > Name : > Bert Harrop > > Message : > I have purchased a surround sound 6.1 reciever with 8-ohm speaker outputs and would […]

Mike, I’d use two separate receivers, one for the theater and one for the whole house music. You use Y-adapters on all your sources (DVD, VCR, Sat, etc.) to both receivers. Your whole house system would then need a speaker selector. For 4 areas look at this one. If you want or have volume control […]

  Ken, We usually like to see a separate amp/receiver used for whole house music separate from the theater area. What happens if you use the same receiver for both is that everyone has to listen to what`s on TV when the TV is going. You “can” do the hook up in that manner though. […]