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Angled ceiling speakers have been around for awhile. You’ve seen this type of design from other companies like KEF and Speakercraft at kind of crazy prices. But now, angled speakers have a reasonable price on the same type of design that many people can use. It used to be that people wanted to put ceiling […]

Speaker Sizes

  David, The difference in location is type of usage of the room. A social area where you’ll be walking around and not really stuck in one place, will like to have ceiling speakers, like kitchens, entry ways, dining rooms, etc. Placement will just be balanced in the room, usually matching to lighting fixtures. A […]

  Center channel speakers have a different look to them for a few reasons. It all began way back in the late 80’s when Dolby began licensing their surround sound for home use in the form of ‘Dolby Pro Logic.’ That was when surround sound went mainstream. VCR tape rentals were well under way and […]

  Jeff, The best way to buy speakers on-line is to first get a baseline of what type of material you like to listen to. Go out and listen to some speakers and make a note of your observations and then record what they are made out of. Only then will you be able to […]

  Russell and Shannon, First take a look at this page about pre-construction brackets. Then, if you’re looking for a system with high-power in-wall speakers, look at these under the brand InwallTech and this one for your theater. As for the rest of the system, consider this, we generally like to see the theater area and […]

Subwoofer setup is really not a difficult task.  You just need to see the big picture. This article will show you how. So you’ve got a couple of rooms where you think you might want to “crank it up”. During the design phase of your whole house audio project, you might want to wire for […]

Center Channel Question

  Scott, Not necessarily better…or worse for that matter. When you have an identical speaker in all locations you get a certain tightness to the sound by timbre matching all the drivers exactly. While you`re not changing too much with the center channel being different, you’d hear the difference if you were to do a […]

  Jeff, The best way to approach a system like that is to split into at least two zones: the theater area and the rest of the house. That way,  you won’t have to impose the TV sound onto the rest of the house. So you use two receivers: one a surround model the other […]

  Tom,   Usually, we recommend using a separate receiver for your Theater room and the whole house system. This way, you can watch TV or a DVD and the rest of the house can be listening to something else and vice versa.   You can hook everything up to the same receiver as long […]

  Scott, Read this first about speakers for surround systems: What Size Should I Use for Theater? In a theater type system, when using a subwoofer, you are actually creating a three way system. Your woofer is one, the mids are the woofer in the wall/ceiling, and the tweeters are the third way. So you`ll […]