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  David, Nope. None of the impedance matching versions out there will have a true off setting, where it totally disconnects from the circuit. This is because the function of the impedance matching is that the whole circuit needs to remain constant. Meaning that the amp sees 8 ohms of impedance all the time. If […]

  Russell and Shannon, First take a look at this page about pre-construction brackets. Then, if you’re looking for a system with high-power in-wall speakers, look at these under the brand InwallTech and this one for your theater. As for the rest of the system, consider this, we generally like to see the theater area and […]

Subwoofer setup is really not a difficult task.  You just need to see the big picture. This article will show you how. So you’ve got a couple of rooms where you think you might want to “crank it up”. During the design phase of your whole house audio project, you might want to wire for […]

  Typically, in a home situation we suggest a speaker selector with standard volume controls. That’s because you can turn off areas that you wouldn’t normally use. Those areas truly get taken out of the circuit and in doing so; the other areas get more power and better sound. In an application that you would […]

  Volume controls are just big resistors. They aren’t powered, they don’t plug into AC, and they don’t amplify. There are amplified volume controls available, but they are a specialty and will define what they amplify. This article addresses the common volume control.   Volume controls go inline with the speaker wire. They have an […]

  Frank, Your situation depends more on what type of receiver you have than what type of speakers you have. On a receiver, you generally have provisions for an “A” pair and “B” pair of speakers. If you are running just the two pairs of speakers, you are working within the guidelines of what the […]

  Terry, With a speaker selector that already has impedance matching, you only need standard volume controls. No need to match twice. You can use these volume controls just fine. As for speaker recommendations, in the budget range of things, the MAS Audio stuff is the best value and for the better of the upper […]

  Charles, I’m a little concerned about your wiring. Hopefully, it`s just a misunderstanding. When you say, “Then a wire is run from there to the ceiling for speaker A, and from speaker A to speaker B,” do you have a wire actually between the two speakers in the room? From the volume control, you […]

  Ben, The type of system you need at this point will be determined with what type of wiring was installed. If you have just speaker wire run throughout, then you`ll be choosing a speaker distribution type setup with a speaker selector and volume controls and most likely just a single zone type system (same […]

  Russ, Nope, that one is a standard volume control. They just have this design to improve a little efficiencies and sound quality. But in reality we’re using these for ‘background’ type systems so whatever improvement in the design would likely get lost in the application. Check out this one for a basic impedance matching […]