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  Doug, The Receiver you mention is really made for surround sound applications. The “channels” it has are for the decoded section from movies to be played back at the given positions of a home theater. The more practical set up for you might be a set up with two basic ‘stereo’ type receivers with […]

  Rick, It will work fine with impedance matching volume controls. Order either these: http://www.inwallstore.com/ca100slw.html or http://www.inwallstore.com/slvc75dopt.html     > Name : > Rick Garcia} > > Message : > I want to put 4 daul voice speakers Ja Audio JAD6A in my patio. I want to connect two of these speakers to one volume […]

  Tim, Nope we don`t. You just need to get a small amp (regular out of wall) and put it somewhere in-between your TV and in-wall speakers. 10-50 watts should be plenty for what you want to do. And no we don`t sell the amps. Shouldn`t be too hard to find though…even Radio Shack could […]

  D, Two way vs. three way is just a matter of how many elements there are in the speaker design. A two way speaker has a woofer and a tweeter. A three way has a woofer, midrange and tweeter. So folks like a mid-range type sound if they like maybe strong vocals, guitar, or […]

  Tony, I wouldn’t recommend those for theater use. Check this and this for my recommendations. There’s nothing you need to really check for in your receiver, all our stuff is matched fine with “consumer electronics” type things. The “numbers” really don`t tell you much (sorry). They are an objective measure of a speaker but […]

  Shelly, 2. If you have a 100 watt receiver and you have 6 pairs of speakers, then each pair is getting less than 20 watts MAX. So any of our speakers are fine for these type of applications. Don’t put too much weight on their wattage rating. 3. Kevlar is a typical woofer material […]

  Jen, Sorry we don`t carry such an item. Try looking on commercial sound websites for better luck locating.   > > >> Name : >> Jen Addis >> Message : >> Hi, I am looking for a small speaker, that holds at least 100 watts >> and has a volume control Or a small […]

  Ronnie, Kind of a tough one. You’re right in the middle of needing more speakers because of the size of the room but not having the ability to drive more than a 4 ohm load. The amp you have should be able to drive two pairs of 8 ohms speakers but you may not […]