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  Center channel speakers have a different look to them for a few reasons. It all began way back in the late 80’s when Dolby began licensing their surround sound for home use in the form of ‘Dolby Pro Logic.’ That was when surround sound went mainstream. VCR tape rentals were well under way and […]

  Russell and Shannon, First take a look at this page about pre-construction brackets. Then, if you’re looking for a system with high-power in-wall speakers, look at these under the brand InwallTech and this one for your theater. As for the rest of the system, consider this, we generally like to see the theater area and […]

Subwoofer setup is really not a difficult task.  You just need to see the big picture. This article will show you how. So you’ve got a couple of rooms where you think you might want to “crank it up”. During the design phase of your whole house audio project, you might want to wire for […]

  Jeff, The best way to approach a system like that is to split into at least two zones: the theater area and the rest of the house. That way,  you won’t have to impose the TV sound onto the rest of the house. So you use two receivers: one a surround model the other […]

  Charles, I’m a little concerned about your wiring. Hopefully, it`s just a misunderstanding. When you say, “Then a wire is run from there to the ceiling for speaker A, and from speaker A to speaker B,” do you have a wire actually between the two speakers in the room? From the volume control, you […]

  Ben, The type of system you need at this point will be determined with what type of wiring was installed. If you have just speaker wire run throughout, then you`ll be choosing a speaker distribution type setup with a speaker selector and volume controls and most likely just a single zone type system (same […]

  Wilfred, You should be able to do the work yourself without too much trouble. I’m glad to see you have looked over the FAQs. As for the theater, a 5.1 type system like you’ve described is perfect for most of our customers unless your room is really long, over 25 ft. front to back. […]

  Andrew, Sounds like your wiring design is sound. Read the description for the JA Audio stuff that I`ll recommend below to get an idea of their value. Ceiling speakers: http://www.inwallstore.com/jac6a.html Wall speakers: http://www.inwallstore.com/jai6a.html Volume Controls: http://www.inwallstore.com//javsl100w.html Speaker Selector for 8 pairs: http://www.inwallstore.com/ism8.html And yes you would need 4 of the IW8BPG for 8 pairs. […]

A and B Speaker Setup

  Kris, Your system will work in either A OR B but probably not both A+B at the same time. Many times a receiver will be wired in “series” type wiring when using A+B. That may or may not work when you`re wiring up volume controls in the manner you described. If you want to […]

  Kyle, You can do that kind of wiring with any of the impedance matching volume controls. You’ll set ALL the volume controls to the same impedance multiplier setting, see here for a table:   > Name : > Kyle Davis > > Message : > Can I run volume controls in a series by […]