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Using Apple Airplay from Single Source Apps

continued from Part 1 on setting up a 6 Zone Airplay Multi-Room System

Step 3b: Configure most any audio app to play through any single zone

In almost all these apps, you’re looking for the universal icon for Airplay:

Apple airplay

Apple airplay

On their own, these apps will only play to ONE ZONE at a time.  You can get a program like those mentioned in Part 1 so that you can play to more than one room at a time FROM YOUR IPHONE.  iTunes can natively play to multiple rooms at once out of the box with no extra purchase.

Apple Airplay Examples:

In Pandora:

It should look like this:

Pandora Screenshot for Airplay

Pandora Screenshot for Airplay

When you touch the icon it should open to something like this:

Apple Airplay

Multiroom Apple Airplay

In Spotify:

At the bottom of the screen it will say “Airplay Available”.  Press that and you’ll get your rooms to show up to select one.

Spotify Apple Airplay

Spotify Apple Airplay

In Songza:

Songza hasn’t integrated their app yet, but it will still work with Apple’s “swipe up” from the bottom of the screen.

Songza Apple Airplay

Songza Apple Airplay

You’ll see this shortcut screen and the Airplay shows up on the lower right:

Songza Apple Airplay2

Songza Apple Airplay

In YouTube:

On the vertical screen it will show up on the lower right part of the video playing as you tap the video itself.

YouTube Apple Airplay

YouTube Apple Airplay Vertical Screen

On the horizontal page, it will show up in the lower right after tapping the main screen:

YouTube Apple Airplay Horizontal Screen

YouTube Apple Airplay Horizontal Screen

Most all of the apps that have sound are capable of output to an Airplay station.  First, look for the icon. If it’s not there, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to select the audio device from the list on the right.  Bluetooth devices may show up there are well.

Here are some links to the apps mentioned above:



  • Great article, but I’m not clear on how to get sound to the actual speakers in the different rooms. Would you need to have separate amps in those rooms? Can you please draw a wiring diagram on the whole system?

    • Brian Kruse says:

      All the rooms in this example have separate amps. The Dayton unit is a 12 channel amp. All the wires would come back to a single location and connect to the multi channel amp.

  • Mark says:

    I cannot select multiple airplay rooms at the same time in Spotify – The app only allows me to select one room at a time. is there a trick to multiple room selection in Spotify

  • Francisco J Zavala says:

    Very helpful article; I was looking for something like this long time ago. Exactly what you installed is what I will do and buy but …………. do you know or have any clue on how to “share” or put this network dedicated to Apple Airplay traffic only ? My Configuration is the following :
    All my house is Cat5 wired ….

    Basement 1 : Internet (Modem) —-> Apple Time Machine —->

    Basement 2 : I’ve here one Cat5 output where I can get internet from Apple Time Machine; also here, I will place all equipment because all speaker cables are located here.

    Any idea what should I do with my Network

    Thank You for sharing this


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