We feel that there are two ways to go for speaker placement. The first is in social areas where multiple people are gathering. Examples are the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, and the entry way.

The second is in stationary rooms where one person sits in the same place. This includes the study, the sitting room, the bedroom, and the library.

In social areas, it’s best to use in-ceiling speakers placed equally about the room. For an approximate 15’x15′ room, a pair of in-ceiling speakers is ideal. If you’re getting into a larger room, then two pairs is recommended. For really big rooms like function halls, you should have one speaker every 15 linear feet that you have.

For rooms with can lighting, try to match your speakers to your lighting pattern.

Wall speakers are best suitable for stationary rooms. You can take advantage of that feeling of stereo being in the middle of the two speakers creating an image that’s projected in your minds eye. The placement here is basically ear level or a little higher, and the width should be approximately a 45-degree separate.


  • gsmullennix says:

    I have an oval soffit in a sitting area where I have the rear speakers mounted. Can I put my ‘front’ speakers also in that soffit and will the perform as they should for credible sound?

  • sam says:

    I am currently working on mounting my TV above my fireplace (I know it is not best, but space limitations are restricting anything else). I am also short on space an am looking into in-wall speakers next to the TV, but as i have a gas/wood fireplace I have a very large”firebox” opening where the metal plumme and airspace are for heat displacement.

    I am looking into inwall speakers as the right and left sides of the TV have a number of studs blocking them and hopefully will not melt wiring. Besides that I am wondering if i must look into in-wall speakers that are within a closed box as the “firebox” is large and could possibly reverberate sound.

    My question is, will standard open in wall speakers work in this large area (firebox) or should i get something that is enclosed?

    please help as i am running out of time and the wife is getting upset! haha


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