I’m a little concerned about your wiring. Hopefully, it`s just a misunderstanding. When you say, “Then a wire is run from there to the ceiling for speaker A, and from speaker A to speaker B,” do you have a wire actually between the two speakers in the room?

From the volume control, you should have a wire to each individual speaker in the room. Everything works on a ‘stereo’ basis. Meaning, you need to have a left and a right to everything from the receiver to the speaker selector to the volume controls to the speakers.

Anyway, now to your specific questions:

1. The best value (bang for the buck) in speakers is the Inwalltech branded speakers. Look at these for ceiling.
2. Use just a standard volume control if you’re using the speaker selector on item 3.
3. This just depends on how many pairs of speakers you`ll have in the system. A basic 6-pair selector is like this.
4. A basic stereo receiver is all you need. The Sherwood brand is a little lightweight for this kind of application, but it will work. We recommend brands like Denon, Harman/Kardon, Yamaha or Onkyo types.


P.S. The links have been updated since the original question to current products that can be currently recommended.



I recently built a new home and ran 4 conductor speaker wire from my head end to a box in each room for the volume control. Then a wire is run from there to the ceiling for speaker A, and from speaker A to speaker B. I will use the system to listen to traditional Christian music and sermons. I want decent quality sound for a budget price.


1. What speakers would you recommend?
2. What volume controls would you recommend?
3. Do you offer speaker hubs (or blocks, I`m not sure of the proper terminology)?
4. Is there any reason to buy anything other than a simple stereo amp/receiver. I am considering a Sherwood RX-4105. I don`t think I need all the added stuff that`s on a “Home theater” receiver, but maybe I`m missing something.

Thanks in advance,